Frederick M. Boyce II
1925 – 2009

LEWISTON — Frederick M. Boyce II passed away on Friday, Dec. 11. He was one of seven children of Eda and Fred Boyce. He was predeceased by sisters, Elizabeth, Dorothy and Grace, and is survived by sisters, Anne and Nancy and brother, James Boyce.

He was born and raised in Andover, Mass., April 4, 1925. He attended Phillips Academy, until he was drafted into World War II before completing his senior year. After basic training at Ft. Belvoir, he was quickly shipped to Europe and assigned to an engineering battalion. They landed on Omaha Beach in the early days of the invasion of Europe. Ironically, Fred landed on Omaha Beach on the same day that his class graduated from the academy.

He completed many assignments, including the Battle of the Bulge. Then he was reassigned to Okinawa for the invasion of Japan. Fortunately, the war ended and he was quickly discharged.

After the war, he joined General Electric Supply Co. in Boston, where he advanced to assistant credit manager. When he could advance no more due to the lack of a high school degree, he used his GI bill to obtain a degree in civil engineering from the University of Maine, graduating in 1954. He was hired by the Maine State Highway Department and quickly worked his way up to head the Division of Materials and Research of the Maine Department of Transportation, a position he held for 30 years.

While working as a materials and research engineer, he attended many meetings around the country. He was selected as one of four engineers to represent engineers at national meetings and also the Transportation Research Board, a division of the National Academy of Sciences.

In addition to his career, he volunteered to lead 70 Cub Scouts for four years, donated 300 units of whole blood, provided monthly travel slide shows for senior citizen groups, administered a low income housing complex for more than 25 years and did volunteer work at Bangor Mental Health, including building a trail for patients and the public to enjoy.

He is survived by his wife, Carlene Lobley Boyce of Wilton, whom he credits for the successful development of their two children: son, Dr Frederick Boyce and his wife, Dr. Rachael Neve, of Waltham, Mass.; and daughter, Susan Boyce-Cormier and her husband, Dr. Michael Cormier, of Wilton; and two grandchildren, Elizabeth Cormier and Michael Cormier.

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