This is in response to the article on trains in the Sun Journal Dec. 15.

Chip Morrison was asking why his proposal to extend railroad passenger service to Lewiston-Auburn (via former Maine Central Railroad tracks with a connection at Danville Junction to Montreal via Canadian National Railroad) was “being ignored.” Maybe Morrison failed to notice that the Maine Department of Transportation plan would have Amtrak run from Portland through Yarmouth Junction and on to Brunswick.

Now, I ask, why run a train to Brunswick, especially now that the Navy base is closed?

What is the population of Brunswick compared to that of Lewiston-Auburn plus surrounding towns such as Livermore Falls, Rumford, Farmington, etc?

What is there between Portland and Brunswick besides Yarmouth Junction and L.L. Bean (sorry, I mean Freeport). Will there be “shoppers’ specials” to Freeport?

David Cole says that running trains to Brunswick is a “double win, as it gets us halfway to Auburn.” Halfway would be Lisbon Falls. Then what?

Nathan Moulton of the MDOT says we need the right “widget” when it involves federal funding. I don’t think the gentlemen mentioned here have much railroad knowledge, as it takes more than “widgets” to run a railroad.

I wonder if they know about the intermodal transfer yard of the St. Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad in Auburn, and that it is also a legal port of entry?

The proposed MDOT route is sure to fail, which means no railroad north of Portland for years to come.

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