To start with, let me state that I am not a racist. I have friends from several ethnic backgrounds; and I’m not opposed to immigration because, at some point, it is a part of everyone’s family heritage.

There is footage from the early 1900s of immigrants, upon arriving at Ellis Island, kneeling down and kissing the ground. They were very grateful for the opportunity of a new start and life, while quite aware that they were facing language and cultural hurdles. Yet, they came, ready to integrate into the new land and contribute.

All over the area, we see mills, canals and architecture that were built by the immigrants who became an integral part of the community, yet maintained their cultural heritage, as was evident by the various clubs and organizations that were developed.

I fully understand why the Somalis left Somalia and came to America, and I’ll even buy the idea that Georgia was a bad place to raise families. Yet, now that they are here, they seem to act entitled, instead of grateful.

As far as the gangs of young people preying on individuals, working with the Somalis is not the answer, but a sense of gratitude and responsible parenting on their part is.

Mark Pendleton, Auburn

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