Both of Maine’s Republican senators voted against the Wall Street reform bill. Wall Street has been raiding the American public for years.

They are also against a one-payer option and the public option in the health reform bill.

They definitely support the insurance giants and pharmaceutical companies, but what about the Maine people who put them in office?

What two hypocrites. The only objective they have is to defeat President Barack Obama’s agenda, at the expense of all the American people.

Another issue is that there are two terrorists operating openly on United States’ soil. They are more dangerous than the attack on Pearl Harbor or on the World Trade Centers. They are definitely working to destroy the American way of life. They lie continuously and spread false information. They twist the truth on a daily basis. They don’t invite any opposing opinion on their news programs, as other networks do.

Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh are America’s worst political terrorists. They exceed the limits of journalism. I believe in free speech, honesty and truth. They don’t.

Another thought: In my day, there was a 9 p.m. curfew. Youngsters had to be off the street or be hauled to the police station where parents had to pick them up. Why are young children roaming the streets? Whose responsibility is it? If they are less than 18 years old, they should be home, or the police haul them in, no matter what race or color.

Norm Boulay, Lewiston

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