I saw the letter from Joseph Paradis (Jan. 18) regarding adding a replica of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier to the Veterans Memorial Park as a tribute. I write in support of Paradis’ idea and hope the public, the city councilors and the mayor will support this project. People should get involved.

Even with all the support for those American military personnel currently serving and their families, the unknown soldiers are easy to forget. A visual tribute would be welcomed — a reminder of the tragedy of not only their having given their lives for us, but that we do not know who they are.

Paradis is a true, dedicated veteran and committed to reminding us all of the service and sacrifice that give us the freedoms we hold dear. The veterans of this community have taught me so much about loyalty to country, service and sacrifice. I was living free as a U.S. citizen oblivious to the cost paid for the life I led.

I am hoping the public will join me in supporting Paradis’ goal. There is room for it — a place to call home among us. Together we can get this done.

Kaileigh A. Tara, Lewiston

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