When public representatives can be bought, sold and manipulated by corporate financing rather than being subject to the votes of the populace, individuals who dare challenge injustice and human rights have less chance of obtaining success than David did when he took on Goliath.

Because of corporate influence, i.e., corporations having all the rights of individuals while their mandate is only to have a profit, and with government
increasingly farming out work to corporations, public services, human
welfare and the public’s vote are now entirely under corporate control.

The consequences will be increased costs for services, less job security and pay
for public employees, less incentive to do public service and more incentive to
bow down to corporate demands at the expense of justice.

This collusion
between government and corporations will be the downfall of this nation as a great democracy.

It is time for people to look at who the real enemy is to our democracy, to
economic and social justice, to conscience and to civil liberties, and then speak

Virginia Durr, Sweden

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