Most people have a vision in their head of what they feel to be the ideal bedroom. Oftentimes that ideal includes a king-sized bed, a walk-in closet and a bathroom connected directly to the bedroom.

While those desires are nice, they’re rarely reality. In most cases, simply fitting a king-sized bed is luxury enough for homeowners who may find the room is a tad small for the extra amenities. For renters, this is especially the case, as rental properties rarely boast master bedrooms, making it harder for renters to create their dream room for rest and relaxation.
Fortunately, there are ways to turn a small bedroom into a personal oasis and maximize whatever space is available. It just takes a little hard work and some trickery to pull it off.

Shelves can help make any bedroom seem larger, and shelving units typically take up very little space. Mementos from past vacations, pictures of family and friends, books, and even an alarm clock can be placed on shelving units, negating the need for various small tables strewn about the bedroom that take up space.

Another great way to save space in the bedroom is to purchase a storage bed. These are beds that have drawers built into the bed frame. While these frames are typically large, for those with ample closet space (be it in or out of the bedroom) to store their clothing, the storage provided by a storage bed can remove the need for a dresser, saving significant space in the process.
Another way to create space with bedding is to purchase a platform bed. These beds are generally smaller and low to the ground, which makes the room appear larger as a result. Of course, the bed will be smaller and might not actually increase space in the room, but it will give the appearance of a larger room.
Conventional beds that are higher off the ground can also save space. Because conventional beds are raised higher, the area underneath can be used to store items such as luggage, shoes or anything else doesn’t require daily use and can be easily slid under the bed.

Mirrors can also be used to make a small bedroom appear larger. Again, the mirrors will not increase the actual space in the room, but when properly placed about the bedroom, they can create a doubled-look effect that makes the room appear larger than it actually is.

While it might not seem as though adding furniture to a small room can make it appear larger, small furniture arranged in the right way, often at angles meant to distract attention from the walls, can give a small bedroom the appearance of being larger. Also, for those who like to read or work in their bedroom, adding small furniture might be a necessity and not just on the wish list. Just be sure to arrange the furniture in a way that doesn’t make the room feel or appear cluttered or small.

Bedrooms can also appear larger depending on the wallpaper. Horizontal patterns, for instance, tend to make a room appear larger. If wallpaper isn’t an option, consider hanging smaller pictures or artwork that make the room appear larger. The bigger the picture or artwork, the smaller the wall will appear, making the room seem more confined in the process.

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