This is in response to the Feb. 20 story “Bill out to cut noise, committee opts for inspection stickers.”

A committee came up with the bright idea of attaching the inspection sticker to the left front of a motorcycle. I don’t know if those people have ever seen a motorcycle or not, but someone needs to explain the difference between a car and a motorcycle to them.

A car has a glass windshield where a sticker can be attached and scraped off with no damage to the vehicle.

Most motorcycles have no windshields on which to attach stickers.

A motorcycle consists of chromed and painted surfaces, neither of which is suitable for stickers. Motorcycle owners have lots of pride in the look of their bikes, along with lots of money, and for someone to even suggest putting a sticker on them is ridiculous. (Would anyone like to have a sticker on the hood of his car?)

These lawmakers should do their homework before proposing something that just makes no sense.

Harvey Gagne, Auburn