Most of us are not acquainted with anyone whose salary is $1 million per year.

On Feb. 27, I watched a committee of the House of Representatives interview two vice presidents from Anthem-Blue Cross/Blue Shield. When asked, one admitted that she is paid $1 million, plus about $650,000 in perks.

It made me wonder how many vice presidents the company has and how much its CEO is paid.

No wonder company officials are in Maine asking for a rate increase.

How many people will be priced out of health care? Why should the American people be supporting salaries like that? No wonder there are millions of people without insurance and why the rest of us are paying for so many to use the emergency room for all their care.

It is so obvious that the health care system is broken.

It is also obvious that in saying “no” to reform, the Republicans are gambling that it will fail or pass and then fail and they will use the issue as a talking point to gain back control of Congress.

I believe their gamble will fail. Health care reform will pass; it will be a success and it will be popular with the American people. Social Security and Medicare followed a similar route.

Nancy Willard, Woodstock