I don’t get it. Why is our government giving a $98 million grant to Central Maine Power Co.? I thought the federal government was broke. 

If the government has $98 million to spare, why not use it on school systems? We know the schools are cutting programs and teachers every day. Wouldn’t that $98 million be better spent investing in our children’s education? Our children are going to need a good education to figure out how to fix the problems that they will inherit. And we know that CMP isn’t going to pass any of that grant money on to the consumers.

Why did Sen. Olympia Snowe decline to go to the health summit? Because her party didn’t ask her to? The president of the United States asked her. Isn’t that a good enough invitation? Isn’t she supposed to be representing us?

And why do our elected officials hate the idea of a government-run health care option? Isn’t their own health insurance paid by the taxpayers? Why don’t they get their own health insurance, like many people, and pay $790 per month (a total of $9,480 per year) with a $20,000 deductible. That means that a family of two has to spend almost $30,000 out of pocket in one year before the insurance policy would pay anything.

What a deal.

A government-run plan can’t be any scarier than having this Anthem-run plan.

And lastly, why do we keep voting for the same politicians over and over again?

Cindy Laroche, Hebron