OTISFIELD – Air quality remains good at the Otisfield Community School, but officials are now attempting to find out how moisture is getting into  Sheetrock in the school.

Moisture was found in the school walls while testing to determine whether there was a mold problem. A staff member had expressed concern about the moisture, Oxford Hills School District Facilities Director Dave Marshall said.

Marshall said Tuesday that tests conducted in December and January by Turner Building Science in Harrison determined the levels of mold inside the school were normal or below the levels found ordinarily in outside air.

“There is nothing there that would be a health concern,” he said.

Marshall said outside air also contains mold. “You can”t make it (inside air) better than the outside,” he said.

Although the levels were fine and no mold is visible, Marshall said they still detected moisture, which can be seen from the outside walls. “We want to know where (it is coming from,)” he said.

The company drilled holes into the Sheetrock and placed sensors inside about four to six weeks ago. The first sensors were taken out last Friday and officials are awaiting results from that.

If moisture is detected, officials must then determine how it is getting in.

Testing air quality is a routine practice when a staff member expresses a concern about it, and school personnel can not detect if there is or is not a problem, said Marshall.

Although Marshall did not have an exact price for the outside testing so far, he estimated it would be a few thousand dollars.

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