I read the Sun Journal editorial about open carry (March 10).

I have a concealed carry permit which permits me to carry a firearm in designated areas of the state.

The editorial assumes that the men who were open carrying are not educated about guns or the laws. It is sad to say that people such as the editorialist are the ones who end up victims of violent crimes, burying your head in the sand to people or things around you. When the time comes when something happens to you and there is a person there who has a gun, open carry or not, and that person saves your life using that gun, then maybe you will see things in a different light.

I read the part in the editorial that said that you support the Second Amendment and the right to carry. The part that made me laugh is the line where it said “when appropriate.” You should realize that any place and at any time, you could become victim to a violent crime. You think that just because you’re in a Starbucks that something won’t happen to you — who is going to rob a Starbucks — right? Think again.

People will do anything for money. They don’t care what the place they’re robbing sells.

If you support the Second Amendment, then really support it. Or don’t. Your choice is to be the sheep or the sheep dog.

I choose sheep dog! What do you choose?

Brandon Kimball, Lewiston