I read with interest the article in the Sun Journal on March 16 quoting the Auburn city manager saying that the city is going to have to increase taxes. That’s a real good idea in these depressed times.

Like many people in this area, my wife hasn’t had a cost-of-living increase in one year; myself, not in two years, never mind a raise.

Considering that our property values are overinflated, we should be getting a tax cut, not an increase. Comparing real estate listings (from that booklet that comes with the newspaper) I estimate that the city has my property, and others in the area, over-valuated by about $20,000.

The city manager needs to get a reality check. Most of us in the city, with two paychecks combined, probably make far less than the $100,000 a year that he makes.

Get a grip on reality, city of Auburn.

Bruce L. Geoffroy, Auburn