The Health Club & Spa has been in business for over 35 years and has been under new ownership for the past four and a half years. Many renovations have taken place and more are expected. The Club offers a variety of exercise choices from exercising in a class or on your own, on the aerobic floor, in the water, with or without weights or equipment. There is one message The Health Club & Spa would like to convey to the “could be-fits” and “fitness fanatics” alike – the Club offers a lot to its members for not a lot of money. “We are more than just cardio machines,” said Lisa Fontaine, co-owner. “We have something for everyone from ages 12 and older, at any stage of fitness. There is a different workout area for everyone.”

Lisa and Tony Fontaine took over The Health Club in August 2005. As the economy has affected everyone, they have noticed that fitness has been one of those things that people have cut from their budgets. Lisa has concerns about people putting their fitness aside in order to stay within their budgets. “Not getting out of the house or exercising will affect one’s health. For seniors, getting out to socialize and exercise helps with their mobility, range of motion, injury prevention and mental health. For the rest of us, exercise may prevent future medical issues. It’s like a vicious cycle, not working out leads to medical issues, which leads to future medication expenses.”

Lisa indicated that she gets frustrated when people complain about prices whether it’s at her facility or any other facility. “If the average person works out three times a week and comes in 52 weeks a year that is 156 visits a year. If they pay $259.00 a year that averages to $1.66 per visit. People complain about $1.66 per visit, but they have no problem eating unhealthily every day at $5 a day which in turn causes more health issues and eventually additional expenses for medication.” She wants to get the word out that “people need to compare unhealthy with healthy habits to help benefit their personal health. In the long run, it will save money.”

The Fontaines have concerns for those who really need to work out. They realize that not everyone can pay a membership upfront so they offer payment plans. They don’t charge any extra fees for a workout program or for any of their classes. “We are here to help everyone in any way we can, we try and accommodate their needs and have something for someone.”

You can enjoy or relieve any pain in the pool area. There you will find a three-lane mineral pool, large mineral hot tub, wood-heated sauna and Danish plunge. This area is used for relaxing or relieving any pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia, back, leg or knee issues and other problems. The Club offers water aerobics classes at least seven times per week. The Club also has cycling classes and a power-lifting room.

On the main floor, members have access to a wide range of cardio equipment. “We have seven treadmills, three recumbent bikes, two uprights, three steppers, five elliptical machines, and two arc trainers.” You will also find the large assortment of Cybex, Reflex and Nautilus machines, as well as a free weight area. “We provide a free initial workout program with follow-ups to suit your individual needs.”

The Fontaines said that “no matter how full the parking lot looks, there is always room inside.”

The Health Club has a large assortment of aerobic classes, strength training, stretching, kickboxing, step, and sculpting classes; Yoga, Tai Chi, and Zumba. These classes are offered throughout the week at no additional cost to members.

“The Health Club is the only gym in this area to offer the “SilverSneakers program at this time,” added Fontaine who described the fitness program as one designed specifically for seniors citizens or for those with disabilities.

Completing the fitness experience at the club, members can benefit from on-line nutritional meal planning, tanning, massage and physical therapy on-site, all at additional costs. “Our most recent expansion provided a 26×76 physical therapy business and a larger men’s locker room,” Fontaine explained. “The separate businesses of Forget Me K’not Massage Therapy and Head to Toe Physical Therapy are great additions to our comprehensive approach to fitness.”

Fontaine described the club as “non-intimidating, family-oriented, where members are not just numbers. We really make an effort to know all our members by name and, if we don’t know them, we will at some point.”

Knowing her clients and recognizing their needs, is what drives Fontaine to offer a range of membership plans designed to accommodate every pocket. Members can purchase daily passes at $7 per visit or seven visit punch cards for $20. Memberships can also be purchased in one, three, six, and 12-month increments with payment made in full or in monthly installments. Corporate, senior citizen, military, and student discounts are also available.

The goal for Health Club & Spa is to continue to renovate and expand to accommodate their members’ needs. For Fontaine, the key is moving ahead responsibly. “This facility has been here for 30 plus years and we plan on continuing for another 30 plus more years. We want to continue to provide our members with fitness programs designed to meet their individual needs without sign-on or processing fees. We want our members to be comfortable and have fun while they workout. As I said before, we have an non-intimidating and friendly atmosphere and make it affordable for everyone. We want everyone to understand that exercising will just better your health and financial expenses by reducing medication expenses.”