FARMINGTON — Eighth-graders at Mt. Blue Middle School were introduced to a variety of professionals Thursday in preparation for their high school careers and beyond.

The school’s Career Fair hosted state police officers, firefighters, nurses and high school technology students, who shared the work involved in selecting and preparing for a profession.

Foster Technology Center students Luke Cyr of Temple and Chad Adams of New Vineyard talked about the engineering, or composite, program at the center. Displaying some items created during their classes, including a kayak, clipboards and snowboards made from light, durable composite materials, the two said the work can be messy and require knowledge from their chemistry classes, but it’s fun and a field full of opportunities.

Senior Raymond Tilton of Wilton spoke about the new program of biotechnology. He said that along with attempting to identify bacteria in small science labs and cloning plants, students have also attempted to solve a “fake crime scene” using techniques, including DNA to identify the culprit.

Tilton, who plans to take at least a year off while working on a dairy farm, said the program fits in with his future hope of becoming a veterinarian.

“You are what you do,” Glenn Kapiloff, director of the tech center, told the class. He advised students that during their next four years in high school they’ll start looking at the rest of their lives. He encouraged them to look at what careers are like and understand what they involve, where it could lead them and what some of current and potential spin-off careers are. He also told them to look for what’s needed to be successful, including skills like dependability or math for construction work.

“There’s potential wherever you want to go. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can or can’t do,” he said.

The eighth-graders also toured the tech center and heard about plans for the renovation and addition to Mt. Blue High School.

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