DEAR SUN SPOTS: You have helped me before. I’m asking if you know anyone who specializes in old cameras. I have a 1950s-1960s Polaroid camera, and I am trying to find out if it’s antique or worth anything. I greatly appreciate your help. — Tina Aston, Auburn

ANSWER: Sun Spots checked on eBay and found, literally, hundreds of listings for Polaroid cameras. Many were selling for very small sums, but there were high-priced ones as well. If Sun Spots had the model number, she could pin it down a little more. She doesn’t know of any place to look locally. Most collectible sales have moved online, but perhaps a reader will have an alternative suggestion.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: You have helped so many people in their searches, so I’m hoping that you or your readers could help me now. I purchased a treadmill from Sears a few years ago. My husband and I used it regularly. Then summer arrived, and we walked outside instead.

When the cold weather returned, my husband had trouble with his knees and needed attention, so the treadmill was not used. A few months ago we decided to start using it again, and now it does not work. Sears does not have in-store repair any longer. They could send out a tech, but the pay rate is very expensive.

We were hoping that maybe there is a retired repairman reading Sun Spots who might be able to help us at a reasonable fee. If you know of a fair and reliable repairman who could help us, we can be reached at 212-8756 any time. Thanks. — J.P., Auburn

ANSWER: There is a small appliance repairman in L-A, but Sun Spots doesn’t know if he’d be willing to tackle a treadmill. You can call Cliff at 376-5604.


DEAR SUN SPOTS: The state YMCA Camp of Maine in Winthrop will be holding a comedy night reunion event at the Toddy Brook Golf Course Club House in North Yarmouth from 6 to 8 p.m. on May 1. Appetizers will be provided, and there will be a cash bar.

The entertainment will feature stand-up comedians and camp alumni, Chris McGorrill and Luke Hanbury. All former campers, counselors, volunteers, staff and friends of the camp are encouraged to attend. Young people not of legal drinking age are also welcomed. A $10 per person donation appreciated.

To RSVP or for more information, please contact the alumni chairwoman, Gina (Fuller) Tansey, at 547-2279 or [email protected] — Marty Allen, board member

DEAR SUN SPOTS: For seniors out there who like to keep active, there’s a senior bowling league at Sparetime Recreation that would be a nice thing for you to take part in. You don’t have to be a professional, as this league is based solely on having fun and a get-together with a lot of good people. The only thing they keep a record of are individual averages to show how you are doing. No standings are kept, and no team has to load up on good bowlers to win or finish first in the league, as no prizes are awarded at the end of the season. It’s just a chance for men and women to be with others of retirement age.

The winter league plays on Friday mornings from September to April. The summer league will begin Friday, May 7, at 1 p.m. The price is just $7 a week, which I find very affordable.

If one week you can’t make it, it’s not a problem. We have bowlers who go to Florida in the winter for a couple of months or more. When they come back, they just join in again.

If you’re interested in joining, just show up and ask for Roger Doyon, who handles the operation of the “Freedom League.” Roger and his wife Georgette are the reason this league has been so successful.

Thank you, Sun Spots, for helping out with this, as you do for so many people. I believe every newspaper should have a Sun Spots to help people who are otherwise unaware of so many options available to them through your column. — Bert Godin, Lewiston

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