AUBURN — A group of four fifth-graders from Sherwood Heights Elementary School competed in a statewide Odyssey of the Mind competition held on March 20 at Sanford High School.

For five months, “The Green Grasshoppers” worked on creating a solution to a challenge as proposed by the Odyssey of the Mind competition, the Nature Trail’R Problem. The team met bi-weekly to discuss ideas and strategies for solutions to the problem.

The group was charged with creating a camper and trailer to move along a nature trail and perform various tasks along the way. They also had to prepare a skit to be performed during the presentation of their challenge. They had eight minutes to present their solution and perform the skit in front of a panel of judges, who then scored each team based on their overall performance and creativity.

They competed against 14 other fifth-grade groups who were challenged with the same problem. Groups from around the state represented more than 20 schools at the competition and the top two teams in each division advanced to the national competition to be held later in the year.

The Green Grasshoppers hope to participate again in next year’s competition and get more classmates involved in the competition.

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