In response to Loren Feldman’s one-sided comments (April 25) about Les Otten, one could wonder why indisputable facts got in the way of reality.

I know Otten. He has contributed significantly to creating jobs here in Maine for 40 years, despite the maze of regulations heaped on us during the 30-plus years of Democratic administrations.

Otten is a true entrepreneur who takes chances to the ultimate goal of improving the lives of many who worked for his successful businesses.

Success does not come easy in Maine, where high taxes, high energy costs and welfare make it difficult for any business to flourish. Otten is a doer, not a talking head, a quality we have not seen for many years from a governor of this great state.

The list of charities and community organizations Otten has helped is substantial.

Les Otten will make the tough decisions based on real business experience.

Joe Cimino, Poland Spring