New Gloucester voters will have a chance to improve the foundation of their local government by electing Jean Couturier for selectman. He stands for open government administered by the book, and will provide straight answers to questions posed by concerned citizens.

Recent public meetings have revealed that the current board is out of touch with its townspeople. Couturier will change this regrettable situation by listening to citizens’ comments and suggestions, translating their input into policy reflecting the majority voice of the community.

As the owner of an accounting firm, he is well-positioned to handle fiscal challenges concerning the town’s budget. He will utilize the thinking process he has developed from years as an income tax specialist to consider both short-term and long-term strategies for the town’s economic stability.

The entire community of New Gloucester will benefit by gaining a selectman with an open-door policy if Jean Couturier is elected.

Patti Mikkelsen, New Gloucester

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