I am writing in response to the photo (May 25) of the Lisbon students who stood in protest over proposed school budget cuts that would affect multiple teacher positions within their school district.

As a college student myself and mother to three children, I understand these students’ concern for their education and for their grief over the loss of good teachers; however, I feel that these students’ mentality is somewhat misplaced. Students and their parents should be more accountable for their education instead of feeling that it is solely the government’s or taxpayers’ responsibility. I think that students would have a greater appreciation for their education if they realized that it is ultimately their responsibility.

Education is not free and should not be taken for granted.

Instead of skipping school to protest unfortunate — but unavoidable — budget cuts, these students should be joining together to think of ways that they can help their school, such as tutoring younger students, volunteering to help improve school grounds, or collecting and donating materials. These are just a few of many different ways that they can help.

The burden to the current economy has affected everyone, not just schools. I urge everyone to be more accountable and to work together to get through these tough times. That is the attitude that has made this country great in the past. Why not now, too?

Maryanne Hawkes, Poland