On July 1, we noticed a City of Auburn pickup truck stopped at the curb at our home on Minot Avenue. Going to the window, I observed a man walking back down my driveway, getting into the truck and driving away.

I opened the door, that I might see what he may have wanted. I found a notice had been attached to the doorknob stating, “Please remove the material from your lawn and properly dispose of them. Failure to comply may result in further enforcement and/or fines.”

We have lived in this location for more than 50 years. We have always taken pride in keeping our premises clear of trash, kept our lawns mowed and building in good repair. The materials in question are the remains of our old picnic table, which had succumbed to the ravages of time and harsh Maine winters.

It seems to us, rather than just leaving the threatening notice, a simple knock on the door would have given us an opportunity to inform him what steps we had already taken to clear the area. We are fortunate to have family living nearby. They are a great help and comfort to us, especially as I require oxygen 24/7.

Our son-in-law would have removed the “debris” from our premises by week’s end.

The bright spot in all of this — when we got up the next day — all of the wood had been removed.

To the individual who picked up the debris, a grateful thank-you.

John Parsons, Auburn

Editor’s note: According to Denis D’Auteuil, deputy director for Auburn Public Works, city employees have been hanging notices on knobs at private homes to remind people that the city will not be conducting a spring cleanup this year. The notices also provide information about bringing items to MMWAC for disposal.

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