I have recently been informed that the city of Auburnwants to zone the neighborhood around the airport industrial instead of residential. As a citizen of Auburn, this is a concern for me.

I would like proof of what industrializing the area will do for the people. It seems that it will only benefit the city and those companies that will come in and buy up our land.  

I know many families in the area who have been here for many years. We are all worried about what these changes will mean for the future. I believe we would all like to know how these changes will affect the lives of the people living not only in that specific area but all of Auburn.

Will these changes mean higher taxes, and that people will have restrictions in what is allowed on their properties?

I think everyone in the city should be aware of what is happening and that the city feels it has the right to do whatever it wants with the land, regardless of how it affects the people. The city has been making so many changes in the area without most of us even realizing what is going on.

The people of Auburn must get informed about what is happening in our backyard because it is only a matter of time before these changes start to affect all of us.

Kaszi Smith, Auburn

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