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LEWISTON — Three things tonight. First, the following three players are leaving camp: Jay Kourkoulis, Cole MacDonald and Sotiris Athanasopoulos.

MacDonald and Athanasopoulos are leaving to protect their NCAA eligibility, while Kourkoulis is leaving to have an ailment checked out in Montreal. None is likely to return.

Secondly, Brayden Wood, a high draft pick by Lewiston in June, who has not yet arrived in camp due to an illness, will report to the team Monday, and begin practicing.

Finally, the following players will skate for the Lewiston Maineiacs on Saturday against Victoriaville. Originally, Olivier Dame-Malka was to skate on defense, but after being hit hard by Jonah Coonishish-Coon on Friday, he’ll be replaced in the lineup by Sam Finn.

Otherwise, here we are:

G Jordan Kennedy

G Andrey Makarov

D Dillon Fournier

D Zachary Shannon

D Samuel Carrier

D Zachary Evans-Renaud

D Sam Finn

D Stephane Leblanc

F Stefan Fournier

F Matthew Bissonnette

F Jonah Coonishish-Coon

F Etienne Brodeur

F Francis Beauvillier

F Mark-Antoine Rousseau

F Samuel Henley

F Christopher Caissy

F Antoine Houde-Caron

F Colton Stairs

F Nicholas Jordan

F Pierre-Olivier Morin

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