I would like to comment on “Time to elect a woman,” a letter written by Phillip Nelsen (Aug. 23).

I don’t believe that being born female should be a qualification for being governor, any more than being born male should be. To elect someone to an important position that has influence over many other people’s lives because of a physical characteristic makes no sense.

If people elect Libby Mitchell simply because she is a woman, isn’t that the same as not electing Mitchell simply because she is a woman?

I am a strong, smart woman and will vote for whomever I deem fit, regardless of their sex. I sincerely hope Nelsen’s “daughters, mother, sisters and wife” will do the same.

Furthermore, to state that she has been in Augusta for a long time and has “paid her dues,” so she deserves to be elected, is just as ludicrous.

I hope that people focus on the issues, get to know the candidates, and make an informed, educated decision in November, instead of voting for someone just because she checked “F” on her driver’s licence and she hangs around a lot.

Aimee Maheux, Lewiston

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