Here is a list of the 11 most-visited stories on for 2010. Because people from all over the world can visit our website, the stories that top the most-visited lists often have universal appeal. We chose 11 stories because two of them are from one news event.

11.‘Blue’ angel: Lewiston police officer helps pregnant woman with two new tires

A woman, six months pregnant, who cares for her elderly father, was trying to replace the flat tire on her Honda Accord on a chilly October morning but couldn’t get the tire off the car.

She tried and tried as the Lisbon Street traffic whizzed by her at the Mobile station. but then Lewiston police officer Jeff Baril came along.

Officer Baril not only helped her replace the tire with a spare donut, but upon seeing her bald tires, drove down with her to the VIP store and bought her two new tires to replace the flat.

This story by Mark LaFlamme garnered 10,883 pageviews.

10. Pumpkin art: Working the blank canvas

For Halloween, we called on our elite artists from our circulation area to carve nine pumpkins.

Our team came from diverse backgrounds. A jeweler. A stained-glass expert. A performance artist. Two floral designers. A surgeon.

The possibilities were unlimited. The results were shocking. Clearly, readers were impressed.

This story by staff writer Mark LaFlamme and staff designer Corey LaFlamme garnered 11,653 pageviews.

9. Earth First! encampment brings ‘terrorist’ taunts

A group of activists assembled an encampment on the banks of the Dead River on the land of Basil and Harriet Powers in Coplin Plantation.

The group had been branded as “terrorists” by many of the locals, according to Harriet Powers.

Five days later, one of the activists would lock her neck using a bike lock to a tractor-trailer carrying a five-ton wind turbine blade.

This story by staff writer Terry Karkos garnered 11,718 pageviews.

8. Fatal accident ties up Sabattus Street

A Sabattus woman died in April when the SUV she was driving rear-ended a garbage truck at Sabattus Street and Randall Road.

Crews worked to dismantle the car to rescue the 3- and 5-year-olds who were passengers in the vehicle. The children suffered minor injuries.

This staff report garnered 11,859 pageviews.

7. Channeling chocolate, healthy and in the raw

Did you know that an actual Hershey’s chocolate bar only contains 4 to 10 percent chocolate? Even organic chocolate bars typically list sugar as the primary ingredient.

We went to a “raw chocolate” class at The Prep Kitchen in Freeport to see how the health conscious can indeed have their chocolate and eat it too.

This story by freelancer Beth Herman garnered 11,889 pageviews.

6. Lewiston police name those arrested in early morning melee at Bates College

Police arrested 11 people on the Bates College campus after a semester’s-end party got out of control on a steamy May evening.

Later in the afternoon, several students called a rally to “call attention to police brutality, misconceptions in the media.”

The original party story shows up later on this list. This staff report garnered 12,131 pageviews.

5. Pickup lines: What works, what’s obnoxious and what’s just creepy

Are you tired? Because you’ve been running through my dreams all night.

Read the story to learn plenty of other groan-worthy pickup lines . . . but please don’t use them.

This story by staff writer Mark LaFlamme garnered 13,184 pageviews.

4. Massachusetts woman misguided by her GPS spends several hours stuck on a snowmobile trail

Tourists that blindly follow their GPS to unfortunate results are always popular stories on, and this one was no exception, coming in as our third most popular story of the year.

Lori Corderro, of Medway, Mass., traveled to Maine to visit a friend in Lovell. She was using a global positioning system to find her friend’s house, but kept getting lost. She gave up and tried to go home. The system took her through Brownfield, probably trying to get her to Interstate 95 through Southern Oxford County, but took her down Windsor Road, which turns into a snowmobile trail.

She traveled a half-mile down the snowmobile trail before getting stuck in a ditch. Due to spotty cell reception, she was unable to call 911 for several hours. When the Oxford County Sheriff’s deputy came to find her after 9 p.m., he took her to a hotel in New Hampshire where she stayed the night, and returned to Potato Hill Road to retrieve her car the next morning.

This story by staff writer Andie Hannon garnered 14,162 pageviews.

3. Just sitting there, minding his business … roadside dummy draws ‘triple-looks’

It started simply enough. A TV on the side of a road left for spring cleanup that never happened.

It turned into an evolving still life: A legless mannequin watching that TV, tucked up to a table, Monster energy drink in hand, plugged-in lamp at his side.

Every day, something might change, like a new hat, or a newspaper, or a necklace.

A nearby homeowner, Dan Bilodeau, said he owned the TV and the lamp and the mannequin, but he wasn’t the one who set up the still life. He suspected that the neighbors had been having fun pitching in with the display.

This story by staff writer Kathryn Skelton garnered 14,517 pageviews.

2. Bates party results in injuries, arrests

Police arrived at Smith Hall dormitory on the Bates College campus on a hot Tuesday evening as a party at a freshman dorm had gotten out of hand. The party was apparently a tradition where graduating seniors bring alcohol to the freshmen on one of their last nights on campus. Because the night was uncharacteristically warm for the month of May, and there was no air-conditioning in the dormitory, the party spilled outside onto the street.

According to the report, a number of students, bruised and bloodied, were loaded into ambulances. Others roaming the street were shirtless and barefoot. Eleven would be charged.

News of the party made national news, and was our most-shared story on Facebook for the year.

This story by staff writers Mark LaFlamme and Tony Reaves garnered 23,661 pageviews.

1. Road Trip: Maine’s World Traveler signs — you CAN get to Moscow from here, by H. Joie Crocket, Special to the Sun Journal

The world was smitten with those iconic “World Traveler” road signs in Oxford and Kennebec counties. You know, the ones that direct motorists to far-flung places like Moscow, Stockholm, Athens, and Madrid — Maine, that is.

We do road trip stories in the bPlus section every month, and this story was not just the most popular road trip, but the most popular story of the whole year. People from Japan, Mexico, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and all over the world came to to read about the signs.

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