LEWISTON — The National Weather Service is predicting snow for Thursday and that makes Paul Lapointe happy.

“Every time it snows, it puts a smile on my face,” said Lapointe, who owns Lapointe’s Lawn and Garden Center on Sabattus Street. “A storm makes my business busy. One good snowstorm gives us several weeks of work. It really gets things going. Both sales and service picks up.”

Three full-time mechanics are working six days a week, he said. “Our biggest challenge is getting them out quickly so customers are ready for the next storm.”

And the next one is on the doorstep, according to the National Weather Service.

“It’s not going to be a huge storm,” meteorologist John Jensenius said. “The heaviest snow, 6 inches or more, will be on the coast.

“People are commenting, ‘We can’t go three or four days without more snow,’” WGME meteorologist Sarah Long said. “We’re sticking in this pattern. I do see a couple of more opportunities for snow” after Thursday.

The snow has been light and fluffy, she said, “which helps push the snow amounts up. Light and fluffy has air built in. It stacks up really easily.”

That’s just fine with dogs, at least big dogs.

Lewiston’s dog park is not only open but booming, said Zach Black, manager of the Androscoggin County Humane Society in Lewiston. “Everyone wants it open when it snows, especially with the fluffy snow.”

Robin’s Garden and Dog Park will stay open as long as it’s not too icy, and as long as dog owners volunteer to shovel, keeping the entry clear. So far, dog lovers have been more than willing to do that “so their dogs can come and play,” Black said.

The little dogs aren’t that fond of snow, but their owners are bringing them, anyway, Black said. “The bigger dogs are loving it.”

Lewiston School Superintendent Bill Webster said Monday, his 24th day on the job, that he’s called off school an average of once every 12 days.

“You hold the record for the superintendent with the shortest tenure calling off school,” mused School Committee Chairman Jim Handy.

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