The question the progressives and elitists need to ask themselves about Maine’s new Gov. Paul Lepage is this: “Is it what he says or how he says it”? I personally think it is both, but how he says it is a beautiful thing! Finally a politician that follows the mantra “say what you mean, mean what you say.”

Having been confined to the man cave since Jan. 21 recovering from surgery, I have had the pleasure of watching the left have an absolute melt down! One thing is for sure, that Gov.LePage does not mince words, but is passionate in expressing his opinion in his words and on his terms.

The Political Animals will tackle the task of grading the new governor and his administration for their effectiveness and fulfilling their campaign promise “Maine people ahead of politics.”

The political landscape in Maine (and the country) changed on Nov.2, 2010. In Maine, the LePage campaign was not about politics, just putting Maine people first. This clear message was that he and his administration would shrink government, lower taxes, decrease business regulation, and put “Maine people ahead of politics.” I have had the pleasure of working with the governor several times over the past couple of years and can tell you that “what you see, is what you get.”

The governor took the oath on Jan. 5,  and the first issue addressed, Jan. 6, was to rescind the executive order signed by Gov. Baldacci that made Maine a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants dated April 9, 2004. The original order directed employees and state officials to stop asking for proof of U.S. citizenship, legal status. This order opened up a whole bunch of issues from illegal drivers licenses, welfare, Maine Care availability or anything provided by the government. In other words, it affected all of us hard working, tax paying, law abiding Maine citizens. The executive order begins “Whereas, all Maine residents having lawful status are entitled to fair treatment by state officials and access to state services”  — major meltdown by the progressives! Thank you governor!

Grade: A+

LePage’s  executive order on Jan. 6 was “An Order Amending the Special Budget and Expenditure Order of July 1, 2010.” This original order attempted to limit state government expenditures and place a hiring freeze during “light economic conditions and significant budgetary shortfalls.” The new order strengthens Baldacci’s to include the language “to ensure that state government live within its means” and extends the dates to January 1, 2012. Thank you governor!

Grade: A+

The third executive order signed on Jan. 10,  “An Order to Improve Review of the Rule Making Process.” This order states “Whereas, effective regulatory reform requires enhanced scrutiny of rules proposed by state agencies, so that Mainers do not suffer as a result of unnecessary or oppressive rules.” In other words, this orders ensures there are no rules imposed that will cause a hardship on Maine business or individuals. The things that come to mind are environmental regulations (Plum Creek), vernal pools (individual property rights) to name a couple.

Thank you Governor!

Grade: A+

Gov. LePage has been touring the state on the “Red Tape” listening tour with small and large business owners to seek their input and ideas on how to make Maine a more business friendly place. If you recall, Maine was rated dead last, 50th, as a business friendly state by Forbes on Oct. 18, 2010. The governor has released a list of about 35 different regulations compiled by the business leaders suggestions to achieve the goal of making Maine a business friendly state again. I have always been amazed at the comments from the left that they are “for jobs,” but turn around and show disdain for business. How can you be for jobs, but against business? The impression left with me was the left looked at business as an ATM to help fund their agenda. Thank you governor!

Grade: A+

The governor has delivered four weekly radio addresses since taking the office. Here are the titles: “Prosperity for Maine” (1/8/11), “Achieving the Dream” (1/15/11), “Paying the Bills” (1/22/11), “Finding a Balance” (1/28/11). Wow, what controversial subjects he is addressing. I would suggest you go online to and click on Gov.LePage to read the content of the weekly addresses. They are inspiring and constructive. Thank you Governor!

Grade: A+

OK, so now you want to hear what I perceive as a negative for the governor because people are cynical, especially you leftists. The only thing I see as a negative is how Gov. LePage expresses himself sometimes. The detractors love his blunt, unfiltered comments so they can say “see, told you he was a typical, unrefined, troglodyte Republican.” Most on the right — true conservatives — find his bluntness refreshing. As I said before, “what you see, is what you get” with the governor. The only problem I see with comments like “kiss my butt,” is that they become the news headlines and that diverts attention from the real issue:  the positive message of “Maine people ahead of politics”.

Grade: C

In my opinion, I  would give the governor an overall Grade: B+ to A-

Like it or not people, he is Maine’s governor for the next four years. Thank you Maine People!

That’s my opinion, let me hear yours!

Scott Lansley is a former Legislator, current Sabattus selectman and resides in Sabattus with his wife and children. He may be reached at [email protected]

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