HARTFORD — The Planning Board conducted a hearing Monday night to answer questions residents might have concerning new changes to the stream protection maps showing the areas the Department of Environmental Protection considers wetlands.

Chairman Tom Harvey told the assembled group that the Planning Board had voted to eliminate extensions to Dakin, South Bog and Tucker brooks at their meeting before the hearing.

Harvey displayed maps made by the Androscoggin Valley Council on Governments showing the minimum streams the town could protect, but said the Planning Board included everything when they were studying the maps. “Then we made site visits to the streams in question to determine if extensions of these streams should be included in the map,” Harvey said.

“We had to decide if we wanted stricter regulations on something that may or may not exist all year,” Harvey said.

Arthur Harvey said that he and Tom Harvey had made a site visit to Dakin Brook and decided that it was not actually a stream year-round. The same decision was made for South Bog and Tucker brooks after site visits by board members Morrill Nason and Tom Harvey.

Abutters to the streams had been alerted to the changes and to the scheduled hearing. One resident was not sure everyone had been notified, but Harvey said he thought they had been properly notified. Arthur Harvey mentioned that the town was not legally bound to inform the public of changes of this nature.

Resident Al Borzelli complained that water ran down Tucker Road and silt was draining into his trout pond. He said he was unsure how he could take care of his pond.

Chairman Harvey told him the issue should be addressed to selectmen and the Road Commissioner not discussed at the public hearing.

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