DEAR SUN SPOTS: Could you please give me the names of at least two appraisers able to assess the value of my rather large doll collection? Thank you. — No Name, Jay

ANSWER: Sun Spots is sorry, but she does not know of anyone. As far as she knows, the best way to see what your dolls are worth is to go online to a site such as eBay and look at what similar dolls are selling for.

Most collectibles are now traded on the Internet. Even if you find an appraiser, he or she will probably charge you a fee to do what you could do for free — check online.

Sun Spots notes that your letter was handwritten. If you don’t have a computer and want help assessing the value of your dolls and selling them, the following businesses/individuals are in Sun Spots’ Rolodex as being able to help you with that.

* Oxford Depot, 11 Mechanic Falls Road, Oxford, ME 04270, 539-2202; her commission for items under $30 is 40 percent; for items over $30 it’s 30 percent. She said that with high-ticket items she will negotiate a fee.

* Stephen J. Martelli, Auburn, 786-9116, [email protected]

* Nola, Goin Postal, 120 Center St., Auburn, 784-9900

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have an Exakta and Pentagon camera that I would like to dispose of. Is there anyone out there who collects cameras or can tell me if these have any value? — No Name via e-mail

ANSWER: Again, Sun Spots suggests you check online at eBay and other sites.

Perhaps readers will have other suggestions for you and the previous writer.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I wondered if you could tell me if there is a consignment shop that would sell scrub tops and bottoms. Thank you. — Tina, Lewiston

ANSWER: Sun Spots knows she sounds like a broken record, but she doesn’t know of anyone locally, but she checked and scrubs are bought and sold on eBay.

Another option would be to place a classified ad in the Sun Journal. See the next letter for how to do that.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: How do I post an ad in the Sun Journal? I was also told it was free to do so. — Michelle Bubier, [email protected]

ANSWER: For free ads, customers must place them online or mail them in. If they call them in there is a $5 charge per ad. This applies to free ads only. Here’s the link for online:

Collectibles, antiques, firewood, pets and commercial items do not qualify for the free ads.

The phone numbers for calling in a classified are 783-2281, 800-482-0935. Hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: A few months ago, after answering a letter in Sun Spots, a woman picked up a box of old canning jars. I have since found some more, and if she or someone else would like them, please call Cindy at 783-6075. — Richard, [email protected]

DEAR SUN SPOTS: In response to the Dec. 22 query, Hannaford’s is now carrying white popcorn again. I bought some last week. — Larry Newth, [email protected]

DEAR SUN SPOTS: The new Firewater Creek will be performing at the Lewiston Elks Lodge at 1675 Lisbon St. on Saturday at 8:30 p.m. Ray Arsenault, Gary Stevens, Paul Murphy and new member Brian Rancourt will be rocking the house for a Valentine’s Day celebration. For more information, please call 389-2661 or 784-4801 special Valentine’s ticket prices. — Cheryl Pelletier, [email protected]

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