Recently, two letters caught my attention. “Can’t compete with China” declared a surrender to China for the invasion of their products, loans to the U.S. to maintain freedoms and the American way of life.

No doubt that relationship has the U.S. against a wall, but we have the means to pull ourselves out of the severe dilemma. We just don’t take the opportunity to force the change.

Another letter simplified the way to bring President Barack Obama’s birth certificate out of the hiding place where he has it. His birth appeared in a Hawaiian newspaper; unless one believes the newspaper in Hawaii would fraudulently issue a doctored birth certificate 50 years later, we have to accept his word (for now).

Questions like that and many more need to be asked prior to an election, to put our noble representatives on the hot seat and not let them wiggle out of tough questions that would expose that they are only trying to keep a job that others would handle better.

For both, we have only ourselves to blame. We watch shenanigans in Washington and the State House and our own delegation refuses to support us. That causes us to force a defeat of bills through other states’ delegations or an expensive, unnecessary people’s veto.

Good legislators would enact a law requiring every candidate to personally present a birth certificate to the secretary of state in every state and territory.

We, the people, make this government work. Stop making excuses for disloyalties.

Larry W. Mayes, Lewiston

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