The liberal-leaning media have presented their usual patterns of selective parts of the Democrat national health plan (ObamaCare). They have failed to give appropriate emphasis to the fact that President Barack Obama has excused 733 politically favored organizations from participation, which includes many unions and four states, due to costs.

The media have failed to adequately explain the origin of the onerous burden of a requirement for businesses to file an IRS 1099 form for every transaction more than $600.

It is said that Maine’s Democrat congressional representatives did not read this law before voting for it. Plowing through 2,000 pages of complicated regulations is a huge job, but not an excuse. The two Pelosi robots simply followed instructions.

It is also said that most of the bill was written by staff people. I can believe it after hearing the 1099 requirement (probably written by young, wide-eyed liberal idealists with no business experience).

There is not space here to discuss the unconstitutional federal requirement to buy health insurance, the increase in Medicaid expenses for each state, the future rationing of people’s benefits by bureaucrats and the enormous expense to both state and federal governments in these troubled financial times.

Voters should exercise judgment in their political support, and look at what is done, not what is said. The future consequences can be devastating. Our children and grandchildren deserve better.

The Republicans should start over; use the best parts of ObamaCare and discard the worst.

Thomas F. Shields, Auburn

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