So, Joe Biden thinks that the U.S.A. should build a high-speed “bullet train.” The senator needs to look at the statistics on Amtrak. For every passenger who gets on that government transport passenger train, taxpayers have to come up with a $30 or $40 subsidy.

Passenger traffic on trains is costing taxpayers millions of dollars. If commercial passenger trains made money, the Maine Central and the Boston and Maine railroads would still be in operation. They went out of business trying to provide passenger service. They folded.

And Biden wants the government to build a super-speed passenger train? He thinks the U.S. should borrow some more cash from communist China just to imitate Japan and France? Or just to create jobs?

Was he not listening to the tea party folks who gathered a million strong in Washington, D.C., last summer to protest extravagant federal spending?

Has he no concern about the shrinking and devaluation of the dollar? Has he no understanding of basic economics? Or does he want to help bankrupt the nation so that it can be merged into the new world order?

I am reminded of the harebrained cash-for-clunkers program. That certainly didn’t help working folks on the lower end of the economic ladder. It just drove up the price of older, good used cars. Thanks to Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Harvey Lord, South Paris

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