Recently, while driving to my home in New Gloucester on Route 100 in Gray near Cole Farms, I hit the biggest and most dangerous pothole of my life. I didn’t see it until my vehicle crashed into it. A tire was damaged and it cost me $180 in repairs.

I called the Gray Town Office to report the pothole and questioned if the town would reimburse me the cost of repairing my tire. After being told to call various offices at the Maine Department of Transportation, I finally spoke to someone in legal services. I was told there was nothing they could do except send someone to inspect the pothole. That person also told me to check with my own insurance. A lot of good that would do since my deductible costs more than $180 and my rates might go up for reporting a claim.

I would warn others that they are on their own when they drive Maine roads. Even if the DOT is responsible for damage to a car, it won’t pay to fix it. What a huge disappointment.

Why do we pay such high taxes for road maintenance?

Susan Hedrich, New Gloucester

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