LIVERMORE FALLS — Jay and RSU 36 school directors voted Thursday to hold an election April 19 for members of a school board to serve the newly merged district, Regional School Unit 73.

Nomination papers will be available Friday at the Jay and RSU 36 superintendents’ offices, and at the town offices of Jay, Livermore and Livermore Falls. They are due back by Friday, March 4.

Once the RSU 73 board members are elected, they will draw lots to determine the length of their terms.

Six members must be elected from Jay, four from Livermore Falls and three from Livermore. In Jay, initial terms will include two three-year, two two-year and two one-year.

Livermore Falls will elect one three-year, one two-year and two one-year members.

Livermore representatives will serve terms of one three-year, one two-year and one one-year.

The RSU 73 directors will elect a chairman and vice-chairman after the board is elected. They will have to elect those positions again in July.

The two school boards also voted to have Jay Superintendent Bob Wall and RSU 36 Superintendent Sue Pratt be the interim co-secretaries until the new school board elects a superintendent.

Pratt and Wall will help the Transition Committee create a transition plan and help with related duties of the committee.

Both superintendents said they thought it would be best to share the interim position because they have a lot of work to do on the transition team and as superintendents of their school systems.

Wall, Pratt and Jay schools Business Manager Stacie Lowe will serve on the Transition Committee as nonvoting members. Voting members are RSU 36 Board of Directors Chairman Ashley O’Brien and Jay School Committee Chairman Mary Redmond-Luce, Jay Selectman Tom Goding, Livermore Selectman John Wakefield, and Livermore Falls Selectman Jim Collins.

O’Brien of Livermore said he and Redmond-Luce plan to nominate RSU 36 Director Denise Rodzen of Livermore Falls as a nonvoting member to the Transition Committee to represent Livermore Falls board members.

The Transition Committee is tasked with creating a transition plan, including a detailed budget for the first operational year of the new school district.

They are also required to do a comprehensive analysis of the budget to target savings in the first year of RSU 73 operation. A process of curriculum mapping will be developed so that clear expectations can be presented prior to the start of the first school year on July 1.

The transition team will go through orientation in early March and meet again in mid-March.

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