This is in response to the article about the St. Francis House in New Auburn (Feb. 20). The article talked about the drug abusers who receive counseling and support through the St. Francis House, but I did not see a single mention of how it also houses sex offenders there.

While I believe everyone deserves a second chance, I do not feel sex offenders should be housed in a drug-free safe zone. There is the Boys & Girls Club just down the road, a park up the road on Roak Street and Walton School, all within walking distance.

I have lived near the St. Francis House for more than six years, and I have seen multiple people come and go, but never once have I been notified about sex offenders residing there.

As a mother of two young children, I regularly check the sex offender registry to see who is living on my block.

I have been harassed several times while walking by the house, being whistled at and having sexual remarks made at me in front of my children.

There has to be a better solution. These people should be housed far away from the innocent people and children who may be in their line of sight.

Jessica Noel-Hutchinson, Auburn

Editor’s note: According to Stacy Morris, clinical supervisor at St. Francis House, the facility does occasionally house registered sex offenders, but every person referred to the facility is screened for safety and appropriateness for them to be in a community setting as required by the substance abuse treatment center’s license.

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