There has been a long debate about allowing women to be in combat units with men. I think that anyone who is capable to join in combat, should.

According to an article in the Sun Journal, U.S. Army officials have stated that senior military leaders are starting to accept the change and want the ban to be done away with as well.

It all comes down to fairness.

Anu Bhagwati, a Pentagon advocate, thinks the change of the policy would be fair because promotion to senior military positions is dependent on combat experience. I think that the ban should be ended because women who want to be in a higher position in the Army need combat experience.

In Iraq and Afghanistan, there were more than 255,000 women involved in the war out of about 2.2 million troops in all. According to an article in the Sun Journal, the Military Leadership Diversity Commission, which was established by Congress two years ago, favors the change in the combat policy.

The women-in-combat policy should be done away with. The women who are in the war now serve as fighter, bomber and helicopter pilots. They also serve in ground combat-support units that put them in harm’s way, so why couldn’t they serve in front-line combat units? Why can’t the women really serve?

Nothing should stand in the way of full equality for women, and that includes letting women serve in combat units.

Sarah Hammond, student, Auburn Middle School

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