MONMOUTH — The Monmouth Academy second-quarter honor roll has been announced.

Grade 12

High honors: Jennie Gendreau, Megan Record.

Honors: Jeremy Ashlock, Jeremy Auger, Walter Bachelder, Caleb Carter, Timothy Deblois, Kyle Foyt-Bridges, Amber Gregor, Kelsie Hilton, Kristi Hilton, Alison Murphy, Tyler Nadeau, Andrea Pomerleau, Taylor Scott, Cassidy Small, Timothy Whitmore.

Grade 11

High honors: Kevin Anderson, Lauren Beaudoin, Matthew Bryant, Cameron Copeland, Tamara Cushman, Kristine Kahl, Kelley Mackenzie.

Honors: Angela Bechard, Ethan Bickford, Amanda Blundon, Molly Menice, Brian Nugent, Nicole Nugent, Molly Plossay, Nicholas Trenholm, James Waldron, Colby Wilson.

Grade 10

High honors: Zachary Allen, Melissa Brassard, Danielle Bumann, Jasmine Cook, Emilie Greenwald, Hayden Koller, Adriana Ortiz-Burnham, Lanayria Urquhart.

Honors: Gregory Bazinet, Leland Bonenfant, Sara Caruso, Matthew Cote, William Cummings, Nikolas Foulke, Kayla Frost, Timothy Gates, Briana Hicks, Justin Knaus-Tucker, Amy Nacca, Nicole Pilote, Daisi Poole, Kara Rowley, Abigail Webb, Devin West.

Grade nine

High honors: Stephen Arsenault, Margaret Cummings, Brandon Goff, Kylie Kemp, Kaitlinn Kluzak, Paxton Lessard, Tiffany Pease, Kerstin Schkrioba, Marinna Smith, Natalie Young.

Honors: Sabrina Beck, Stewart Buzzell, Ashley Coulombe, Rebecca Fernandez, Kaitlyn Kerrigan, Dennis McHugh, Joseph Menice, Sarah Record, Samuel St. Hilaire, Emily Vancil, Robert Vickerson, Jacob Weeks, Brett Wilson.

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