B&B Taxi, owned by Cindy Bossie and Verne Berry, has been in operation for almost four years now, and has been a supporter of the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce for two years.  B&B started because Cindy and Verne wanted to help out the community and work with local businesses.  Starting with just one car in their first year of business, B&B has steadily grown, adding a car and a van in their second year, and an additional car and van, as well as a one-ton in their third year in business.

Serving the Madison and Farmington areas, B&B Taxi is a great option for groups going on shopping trips and to the airport thanks to their 7-passenger van.  They are open 7 days a week. Call B&B Taxi to schedule a time in advance to bring you to and from the airport, to and from the grocery store, or to and from a great night out on the town!  B&B Taxi also picks up patients from Franklin Memorial Hospital.

B&B Taxi is more than a taxi service.  They are able to deliver wood products, wood pellets, appliances and other large items.  If you’re sick or not able to get out of your house, B&B Taxi will gladly do your personal shopping and/or pick up your prescriptions.  B&B Taxi can be reached by calling 207-858-3889.

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