Every spring, I pull out my rake and work gloves and head out into the backyard. Most people are making plans for planting trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetable gardens.

However, those are the furthest things from my mind at this time of year. You see, I am the pastor of the Pentecostal Kids Church — “The Jesus Party.” Our facility is located on Bates Street in Lewiston and ghetto is in full season this time of year. The snow has melted and the aroma of the dog waste is definitely something that must be acquired. As I mentioned, most people are getting ready to plant while I am in full bloom of this year’s harvest.

It is the craziest thing I have ever seen, my garden seems to produce bushels of dirty diapers, women’s underwear, beer bottles, condoms and a diverse selection of junk. A few years ago, I had to call the police to come over and remove what turned out to be a marijuana plant.

If you are lucky, every once in a while you can find a bottle of pills or hypodermic needles that make harvesting most interesting.

I do not believe being poor has anything to do with being filthy, and it is a damn shame that parents would let their children play in such barbaric surroundings.

I am a preacher who proclaims that cleanliness is next to godliness.


The Rev. Douglas Taylor, Lewiston

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