Every day lately there has been a newspaper article concerning the issues about the Labor Department mural. It’s becoming extremely annoying to a point that it needs to be put to rest once and for all.

The people of the state of Maine don’t seem to realize how it makes us look to other states, especially with all the problems facing us, that a need to prioritize issues of significant importance has become inevitable under present circumstances.

Lack of intimate knowledge of governmental issues has become one of the governor’s major downfalls. However, it’s a must that he proves to the people who elected him that he’s capable of doing the job expected of him and avoid getting distracted or threatened by non-governmental issues.

In addition, he must increase his level of diplomacy and stop acting more like a dictator. People are already resenting some of his public comments and if he’s looking to be re-elected for a second term, adjustments to his personality are necessary. He should do himself a favor by taking said advice seriously before it’s too late.

He must remember that he is not the first governor to have inherited surmountable and problematic issues.

Robert Lacombe, Sabattus

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