I’m always a little bemused when people send letters saying that I should turn on my headlights to make others better drivers.

It’s obviously a good idea to turn your car’s headlights on but, after all, no one outside of your car is responsible for its safe operation.

Please consider: there are bears, moose, horses, cats, dogs, foxes, skunks, children, older people, even your own sisters and brothers, along the road, none of whom have headlights to turn on.

I make this point because I know who you are. I recognize your car.

You drove through my work site just the other day. Oh, you had your headlights on, and it was a nice thing. But you see, you were also talking on your cell phone, drinking a cup of coffee and yelling at your children in the back seat at the same time. You didn’t use your turn signals, so I didn’t know you wanted to turn. You almost ran me down. You sped through my work site so fast, you endangered my whole crew.

Please remember, at least one other person is exercising no more common sense than you.

Oh, turn your headlights on, by all means. But two simple things will make our roads safer. Please just slow down and pay attention. Of course, a little smile and wave are always welcome, too.

Join our little conspiracy of courtesy, and we’ll all have a better day.

The happy flagger, Steve Bell, Mexico

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