Business owners in towns and cities form these local societies to advocate on behalf of the business community.

An association, of businessmen and businesswomen, designed to promote and protect the interests of its members.

There is a national Chamber of Commerce, as well as numerous state and local chambers. Among the benefits members receive are deals and discounts from other Chamber members, listing in a member directory and a variety of other programs and services designed to promote business activity in a region.

Chambers of Commerce play an important role in local municipalities in promoting business activity and representing Chamber members. At least at the local level, Chamber of Commerce members often meet to discuss and attempt to shape policy that relates to the business and overall economic environment. Members also receive the distinction of being a preferred local vendor, as well as listing on various municipal websites and literature.

Any number of various voluntary organizations of business firms, public officials, professional people, and public-spirited citizens whose primary interest is in publicizing, promoting, and developing commercial and industrial opportunities in their local area, and usually also community schools, streets, housing, and public works.

Mission Statement: 

The River Valley Chamber of Commerce is your voice.

Leading you and your business

to professional growth and prosperity

here in the Western Mountains of Maine.

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