This is in response to the May 12 article “House of horrors in Lisbon Falls.” It was distastefully labeled and uncaringly delivered. I hope that all readers who read it and judged this man based on the way his living conditions were cruelly described recognize that they themselves may one day be unable to care for themselves or those they care about (people or animals).

The Sun Journal overlooked a major component of the story and just further shows that society has little understanding and/or respect for the elderly and the struggles they face.

It is nice to think everyone will always remain as sharp as a tack, as strong as a horse, and have family willing and able to care for them. As a nurse, I know that is not realistic.

I hope that in writing this letter, I can bring awareness to people in this community and perhaps stop someone else’s struggles from being shamefully displayed on the front page of the local newspaper.

People of that man’s generation are extremely proud and stoic. In cases of dementia, a person can hide their cognitive deficits from those around them and yet be falling apart in day-to-day activities.

The Sun Journal has done a disservice to the image of the elderly and infirm population in printing an article that, instead, could have been titled: “The struggles of the elderly in society.”