JAY — A local man who lunged at a police officer with a wooden 2-by-4 was shot twice with Tasers and once with pepper spray before being chased down, tackled and handcuffed, police Chief Larry White Sr. said Thursday.

Adam Morey, 36, of 3 BJ’s Lane was charged with attempted assault on an officer and a probation violation for consuming alcohol.

Morey was taken into custody outside a mobile home after someone called police at about 9:50 p.m. saying “people didn’t feel safe” around him, White said.

He said Morey was “very intoxicated” when police arrived.

Jay officer Russell Adams went to the trailer and knocked on the door. Eventually, Morey came to do the door but didn’t open it, White said.

Adams knew Morey because he had arrested him before, White said.

Adams could see Morey head back to another part of the trailer. Morey opened the back door, armed with a 2-by-4, and encountered Jay officer Mike Mejia who was waiting there.

There were no stairs to that exit of the trailer, he said, so Morey was standing above Mejia when Morey lunged at the officer with the piece of wood.

Mejia stepped back and Morey continued to lunge at him and miss, White said.

Mejia took out his Taser and shot, but only one prong hit Morey so it was ineffective, the chief said.

He said the officer took out his pepper spray and sprayed Morey, but that too appeared to be ineffective.

Adams saw Morey and shot his Taser at him, but again, only one prong hit Morey, White said.

At some point, the pepper spray that Mejia thought was ineffective began to take effect on Morey. He headed out the front door of the trailer, running, with Mejia in pursuit.

Mejia tackled Morey, who fell to the ground, White said.

Morey had kept both hands under his chest and continued to resist, but Mejia and Adams were able to handcuff him, White said.

Morey was taken to the Franklin County jail in Farmington. His probation officer put a hold on him so he would not be released until he appears before a judge, White said.

Morey is scheduled to appear in Farmington District Court on July 21.

He was arrested in November 2010 and charged with assaulting a woman at a home off Route 140. He was also accused of firing a 20-gauge shotgun while the woman and her young children were outside the home.

He was charged with domestic assault and criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon. The second charge was later dismissed.

In April, Morey was sentenced to seven days in jail for violating a condition of release on Feb. 6 in Jay.

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