FARMINGTON — After his first day as “lawyer of the day” in the Franklin County court system Wednesday, Chris Dilworth reflected on the changes in his life that led him to town.

It was his first day here but the opening of a Farmington practice on July 1 follows nearly 26-years of experience in general law work, mostly working for himself in a private practice.

After working this past year for the state judicial system, the grant funds for the position ended causing him to question whether to go back to southern Maine or somewhere else, he said Thursday sitting on the porch of his new office on Broadway.

Dilworth is leasing the 109 Broadway office of Gerard Williams, who retired from his law practice this spring.

This community and changes in his personal life drew him to Farmington and a new start in life, he said. Without his work in Augusta this past year, he might not have considered Farmington.

Events just unfolded in his life for him to be here, he said.

Dilworth served as volunteer supervisor for Court Appointed Special Advocates. The volunteers become the eyes and ears of the court as they advocate in the best interest of children involved in court cases particularly custody cases. The volunteer becomes a “guardian ad litem” representing the child within the court, he said.

Unfortunately many of the cases involve families of poverty, multi-generations of poor families, he said.

Many of the volunteers, some lawyers but not all, tend to be people who had problematic childhoods of their own. Some grew up in foster care and now want to help other kids, he said.

“I really respect the volunteers,” Dilworth said. “They are determined to do what’s in the best interest for the child.”

His work in the Farmington court Wednesday included representing six prisoners during their initial appearance in court.

For Dilworth part of representing others is thinking about what it’s like for the client. If a lawyer promises to meet with a jailed client, “we should try to make the effort to be there, take it seriously and do what we can,” he said.

Dilworth has purchased a home in town and is “really glad to be here.” He formerly lived in Falmouth where his young son lives. He also has two daughters in college, he said.

The law office of Chris Dilworth can be reached at 779-7273.

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