OXFORD — Motorists traveling Route 26 near Oxford Plains Speedway have seen two empty police cruisers sitting on a knoll at the southern entrance to the racetrack for more than a week.

Wayne Robichaud, owner of Interceptor Auto Sales and Oxford Towing and Recovery is selling the fully loaded 2005 Impala and the 2003 Dodge Intrepid on the piece of leased land. Customers must be employees of a law enforcement agency, he said.

“I can’t just sell them to Joe Blow or everyone would be chasing their friends with them,” Robichaud said.

He said he put the fully loaded cruisers on the knoll to block off the entrance to the car lot from the thousands of people who came to the recent TD Bank 250 race.

It worked, he said.

As for being a traffic deterrent, local police said it certainly hasn’t hurt to have the cruisers there.

Robichaud is in the business of buying and selling used cruisers at auctions, mostly in the Southern states. Some are fully loaded and can only be sold to law enforcement agencies and others that have been stripped of their lights, computers and other police paraphernalia are being sold to anyone, he said.

“These have no rust. They’ve been maintained,” he said.

“I buy them because a lot of departments don’t have a budget,” he said. Some police departments find themselves at mid-year with a cruiser down and no budget to buy or lease a new one.

The used cruisers give them a low-cost alternative to fill the gap immediately, Robichaud said.

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