Jen Audette just wanted to find some way to help pay off some medical bills with a little job on the side. In three short years she’s done that . . . and traveled all over the country and beyond, networked with some great people and had fun too. All thanks to people’s love of good smells.

Jen Audette starring in “The Scentsy of a Woman”? Read on.

Are you born and raised in L-A? No. I am actually a Navy brat! I have lived in a handful of states. I moved to Maine in 1986. I graduated from Traip Academy, then University of New England. I quickly realized Maine was the place I wanted to raise a family. We moved here in 1996 when my husband was offered a job with the city of Auburn. We love this community and have the most amazing friends, many of which are born and raised right here in LA.

What prompted you to look at doing something on the side like Scentsy? I was looking for a way to pay off some medical bills that my family had accumulated. The economy was headed down and our bills were piling up. I simply Googled “home party businesses and candles” as I have always been a candle lover. I had never seen or heard of the company, but it looked risk worthy. (Editor’s note: Scentsy is a wickless candle and fragrance company with a host of products, sold by independent sales agents.)

What were your expectations for your side job? Did you anticipate it would work out this well? I never imagined that in less than three short years my team and sales would be where they are today. The best part is, I’m having the time of my life!

What do you think it is about the desire to be surrounded by good smells that is so powerful? A smell from your distant past can unleash a flood of memories that are so intense and striking that they seem real — and we’re getting close to understanding why. There is a very mysterious power of smell, and it is important in love, friendship and food. Numerous studies have shown that smell memory is long and resilient, and that the earliest odor associations we make often stick. So, Oats ‘n’ Honey may really make you think you are 5 again and Grandma is making a pot of fresh oatmeal, or French lavender may remind you of the trip you took in college where you’re resting on a blanket in the hills of France surrounded by wild lavender.

What’s up with women and smells? Why do you think they are so much more aware and concerned with smells than your typical guy? It is amazing how different scents can evoke emotions and memories. Women love to walk into their house and no matter what condition it is in, they want it to smell clean. If you have a clean or lemon scent warming, you can sit on the couch, close your eyes and pretend. Men have often asked me if we would make a scent called motor oil or bacon grease. I believe that men are much more concerned with smells than you think. If either a woman or a man smells good, it makes them more attractive. Women tend to be more emotional, and emotions are highly associated with smell. It is natural and so much fun to share those emotions and memories with others. . . . There is nothing better than sitting around with your friends, your favorite drink in hand, lots of chocolate and smelling great scents.

What’s your favorite scent? Currently I have a mix of Cinnamon Bear and Sugar Cookie in my kitchen (smells like snickerdoodles are baking), Just Breathe in my bathroom, Oats ‘n’ Honey in my hall and Skinny Dipping upstairs. I usually have a leather Scent Circle hanging in my car so it smells like a brand new leather car.

What’s the worst smell you’ve every smelled? You will laugh, but I can’t stand the smell of ketchup.

Confess: If your husband was picking out a perfume for you, would he pick out some nice, light floral fragrance or “cheeseburger”? Oh, my husband is a Scentsy man all the way! He would absolutely go for a little Lucky in Love or one of our favorites, Skinny Dippin!

Word on the street is you like to travel. Where have you been? Since August of 2008, I have traveled to many places both inside and outside of the U.S. I have earned all-expense-paid trips for myself and my husband to Banff, Alberta, Canada, San Francisco, Hawaii, and we went on an Alaskan Cruise. This past June, my entire family earned an all expense-paid trip to Disney World. I have been on leadership retreats to Puerta Vallarta Mexico, and a cruise through the Bahamas and several other trips. I have experienced three of our conventions, which took place in Salt Lake City, Utah; Denver, Colo., and Fort Worth, Texas.

What scent would you recommend for us here in our stinky newsroom? I love to suggest mixing of scents, but if you’re just getting started, I would go with either Black Raspberry Vanilla, Baked Apple Pie or Ocean! And don’t you worry, I will hook you up!

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