The column (Dec. 11) by Scott Lansley, a Sabattus selectman, made me ashamed to live in Sabattus. He favors severe cutbacks to MaineCare. Some of his words just blew me away: “My suggestion to you folks (MaineCare recipients)” is to “suck it up, get a job or move on to a state that will allow you to soak the hard-working taxpayers.”

My husband and I and other elderly people in this state were hardworking taxpayers until our retirements.

Maine has the oldest housing stock in the country and one of the oldest populations who live in these old, drafty house struggling to heat their homes and put food on the table. Some still have mortgages. Now Lansley favors taking their medication away?

What about the disabled, some of whom worked hard before the illness or incident that disabled them? They need to get jobs, also?

Lansley did not get my vote last time and, hopefully, he will not get re-elected next time. His lack of compassion amazes me.

Sabattus’ Will Fessenden’s rebuttal, however, was right on and I congratulate him.

Claudette Therriault, Sabattus

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