The fatal accident in West Paris has brought out the best and the worse comments in the online edition of the Sun Journal.

We are all so incredibly saddened by this tragic loss of young lives — our emotions are overruling our common sense and prematurely denying due process of the law.

Folks are blaming the parents, folks are blaming our laws, folks are blaming young people for making poor choices and, guess what? They are all correct.

Broken families, even good, overly-trusting families, who care what their children are doing, won’t change. That there are inexperienced young people who make mistakes will never change.

What is left?

What is left is us, the older generation, the wiser generation, the “been-there, done-that” generation who want to see our children and grandchildren live to be as old as we are, and longer.

New laws targeting young drivers should be drawn up now, and enacted, now, before one more family and community mourns another tragic loss.

So sad.

Al Pelletier, Norway

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