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The River Valley Chamber of Commerce invites you to explore the River Valley, a true, four-season destination. Within our 10-town community, we have everything you are looking for, from hiking, biking and camping in the lush green forests to skiing, snowmobiling or ATVing on our endless scenic trails. Surrounded by the Appalachian mountains and clear blue rivers and lakes, these 10 towns have something very special to offer. The River Valley is truly a four-season destination.

Important information for area businesses: DVDs available at the RVCC office

Can’t afford a training course? Want to train new employees on customer-service basics or refresh or increase your current employees’ customer-service knowledge? Borrow a DVD or watch an online workshop. They are FREE!! The Western Maine Economic Development Council, with financial support from the Central/Western Maine Workforce Investment Board, has created a DVD lending library at each of the chambers that serve Oxford County businesses and the Fryeburg Business Association. These lending libraries provide DVDs at no charge to any business in Oxford County. Businesses do not have to be a member of a chamber of commerce or other business organization to borrow a DVD. Topics covered by the lending library at this time include customer service and diversity/stereotype issues. There is even a DVD that is targeted to customer service in a restaurant. Businesses may borrow more than one DVD at a time. DVDs may be borrowed for up to a week unless your business has a special need to keep a DVD for a longer period of time. It is preferred that DVDs be picked up and dropped off in person, not mailed. DVDs are heat sensitive, so please do not leave them where they are exposed to a high temperature. Businesses will be responsible for lost, damaged or unreturned DVDs. Please refer to the descriptions of the DVDs for the cost of each DVD. To determine how helpful the DVDs are, please ask your employees who are trained using one of the DVDs to complete an evaluation form and return it with the DVD(s) you borrowed. Another training resource is the Maine Small Business Development Centers’ FREE ONLINE WORKSHOP on customer service called “Exceeding Customer’s Expectations.” It can be accessed at just click the link for online workshops. This workshop focuses on the importance of customer service and provides useful tips for enhancing your employees’ customer service skills. It discusses what customer service is and why offering good customer service is important. It also walks through a customer experience exploring ways to improve the quality of service offered to customers including how to set, manage, and exceed customer expectations. It is 29 minutes in length. This online training is made possible through a collaboration between the Maine Woods Consortium and the Maine Small Business Development Centers.

Available titles include: “Customer Service Strategies that Work”, “Ouch That Stereotype Hurts!”, “World Class restaurant Service”, “Customer Service From the Heart” and “Would You Do Business With You?”